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Micellarin™ shampoos and cleansers are special-featured formulations developed under the category of anti-aging cosmeceuticals by Elsom Research Co., Inc.

Key features of Micellarin™ shampoos are our proprietary formulations of micelles and mixed micelles.

Mixed micelles are a hybrid formation of phospholipids and micelles.

The Micellarin family of cleansers and shampoos includes:

Micellarin Green™ is the original member and centerpiece of the Micellarin family. It is a scalp-stimulating, moisturizing shampoo, rich in green tea and other botanicals and designed for people with itchy scalp, dandruff, or other scalp difficulties.

Micellarin Fight™ is a good foaming extra mild shampoo with superior cleansing characteristics. It contains high concentrations of many botanical extracts which were selected for for healthy-looking and healthy-feeling hair and scalp. It is a delightdul shampoo with a luxurious feel to it and is true fighter against environmental contaminants as well as natural accumulation or build-up of hair and scalp debris.

Micellarin Hue™ shampoo is designed to bring grey or greying hair back to its youthful, non-grey hue. It features extract of bhringraj [Eclipta alba], a botanical traditionally used to support a youthful, vibrant appearance in hair that would otherwise have lost its color and bounce.

Micellarin Dream™ is a revolutionary facial cleanser made with hybridized formations of saponified phospholipids and extra-mild detergents. This facial cleanser is textured as a paste, featuring mild foaming, good cleaning, and high moisturizing qualities. It can be applied to dry face like a cream or lotion and then massaged with wet hands onto facial skin and rinsed off with water. Essential oil of grapefruit [Citrus grandis] gives it its fresh, Its almost-imperceptible aroma.

You might also enjoy our other cleansers:

NanoSoft ™ is a very gentle and mild emollient facial cleanser. It is not of the Micellarin family and is aimed at light or heavy cleansing jobs. It is low foaming and has a soft texture. It is mild and can be tolerated even by people with very sensitive skin. It is mosturizing and leaves a silky after-feel. Essential oil of frankincense [Boswellia carteri] gives it a delicate aroma.

DermaDream™ is a skin purifier, ideal for skin with clogged pores leading to blackheads and whiteheads. It can be rinsed away after cleansing or left in place as a non-clogging moisturizer. The brisk aroma of clove [Eugenia caryophyllata] makes it an ideal wake-up cleanser.


Micellarin Fight Advanced Shampoo for Extreme Scalp Cleaning


Micellarin Green Scalp-Stimulating Moisturizing Shampoo


Micellarin Hue Anti-Grey Shampoo for All Hair Colors
 Facial Cleansers:

Micellarin Dream Hybrid Facial Cleanser


DermaDream Facial Purifier


NanoSoft Emollient Facial Cleanser


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